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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Dec 22, 2021

Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here. This time last year we were just settling in with our big move to Hawaii, and now, we’re back on the mainland! It feels like things are constantly changing. Can you relate? For the Smith family, despite where we live, or what is happening in the world there’s one tradition that we’ll keep every year. If you have been a long time listener, we bet you can guess what it is!

That’s right, it’s time for our New Year’s Eve party! If you are new here, you are in for a treat. This tradition is so good, we’re bringing back the episode that we think encompasses all you need to implement this tradition into your own family.

Join us as we talk about the moment when we decided we were done ending the year with late nights without our kids, and how we created a fun new way for our whole family to launch into the coming year. For us, looking into the past is not to focus on where we failed, but to see where we succeeded and to see what we’ve overcome. We’ve found that doing this not only gives us a chance to teach our kids about introspection but also so we can honor the journey our family has been on in 2021. 

You’ll hear how we got our kids involved in the year-end review, the questions we felt like would grow us the most, and even how we were able to set our intentions for the new year with just one word. We talk about practical tips to help find your word for 2022 both individually and as a family. As well as the fun games we made to help us live that word out intentionally. You’ll learn how you can take this year-end review to create a next-level vision board party and celebrate the best that is within each of your kids. 

This tradition is not just practical, it’s also SO MUCH FUN! Our whole family looks forward to the end of the year now and how they can learn from the past and spring forward into the future without fear. For more resources, check out the links below!

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Our annual year-end family review
  • Finding evidence of how awesome you are
  • Narrowing your focus to one word for the year
  • Connecting the dots of 2021
  • Asking the questions that align with your values
  • The only way around it is through it
  • What gave Melissa the idea for this exercise
  • Fun ways to instill your word for the year into your kids
  • Picking a family MVP
  • Giving awards based on the greatness of who your kids are
  • Practical steps to creating a family vision board
  • And much more!









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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - What we cover today!
  • 1:38 - Conversation starts
  • 2:43 - Starting the new year with momentum
  • 5:34 - Honoring 2021 as a family
  • 7:24 - The questions to ask your family
  • 10:27 - Looking back to then look forward
  • 12:37 - Choosing a word for the year
  • 14:30 - How we made our ‘family word’ fun!
  • 20:55 - Starting the new year powerfully with this activity
  • 24:29 - An award ceremony celebrating the best of ‘you’
  • 27:02 - How vision boards can upgrade the new year
  • 34:02 - Believing that the best is yet to come
  • 35:36 - Closing thoughts