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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jun 24, 2021

Hey Guys! Chris and Melissa here; we will admit we are not immune to the sharp criticism that comes with kids being messy, loud, or late. Criticizing feels terrible for all parties, but what if we could correct AND encourage them? 

Today we talk about the powerful concept of “And,” a way to correct your children...

Jun 17, 2021

Hey guys, Chris and Melissa here! We hear from busy parents all the time who have never been away from their kids overnight in nearly a decade or more. If you can relate, we’re here to advocate for your much-needed couple’s get-away!

In today's episode, we talk about not only why you should take a couple's trip but...

Jun 10, 2021

Hey guys, Chris and Melissa here! Summer is officially and it’s the perfect time to try something new. We’ve recently been working on how we can get the most out of our summer vacation, whether it's a new skill, hobby or road trip we’re going to lean into adventure. 

If you could have any skill by the end of...

Jun 3, 2021

Hey Guys! Melissa here, recently I had a friend ask me the question “If you could tell any story what would you tell?” and I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about. 

So, while my family is sleeping I thought I’d do a little solo episode. Today, I talk about a time when I was in every position to feel lonely,...