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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

May 27, 2021

Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, if you’ve been listening for a while, you know we talk a lot about family values. Recently we’ve gotten some questions about what exactly are family values and do they even work? Well, we put them to the test and we think you’ll want to hear this! 

In today’s episode, we...

May 20, 2021

Welcome back!! Melissa here, today is going to be a good one! I want to give you a warning before you hit play, if you have little ears around you may want to pop in your headphones. We don’t talk about anything graphic or crass but we will be having an honest conversation about pornography more suited for parents. 

May 13, 2021

Hey Guys! Melissa here, have you ever experienced this? A day comes along where every person in your family needs something from you. You can’t shower, you can’t get dressed, you can’t even go to the bathroom by yourself...its that mixed feeling of overwhelm and yet isolating all at the same time. 

In today’s...

May 7, 2021

“Nothing in the world could make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of strong families.” - David R. Mace

Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, we’ve known that it’s time to refresh some of our courses and with that of course means a lot of research but it got us thinking. What needs refreshing in...