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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Apr 22, 2021

As you know, we take family and family culture seriously around here. It is one of our greatest passions in life to help families create a last name that stands for something. We love helping identify the unique identities and values in every family. We call it finding your “family brand.”

With our work here at the Family Brand, we get to see how God has designed each family differently and for a purpose. However, even with the complexity of every Family’s brand, there is one core value that should be at the core of every family.

Recently, we were reading the book “We Are All The Same Now.” In this book they cover a study that was researched around the world and across 152 different languages in an effort to find the most common shared values in human beings around the globe. 

Can you guess the number one answer? 

The number one value shared across half a million people was belonging. 

In today’s episode, we talk about the power of creating a family culture that values a sense of belonging within ourselves and our kids. We have an open conversation about how we can support our kids to understand, accept, and believe in who they truly are. Creating a sense of belonging has been a process within our family and we believe that as a parent we have to be a role model of the mindsets and actions we are teaching our kids. 

Join us as we discuss how accepting and unconditionally loving our children started with us first accepting and unconditionally loving ourselves. Hear about the importance of giving our kids a sense of identity and being a part of something bigger than themselves, why being vulnerable can create a healthy understanding of emotions within your family and more!

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More of What We Talk About:

  • The number one value the whole world shares
  • Creating a family dynamic with a sense of belonging
  • Why it's important to create a sense of belonging in your children
  • Loving each member without any judgment 
  • Why you have to accept yourself before accepting others
  • Facing your fears and being alone with your thoughts
  • The importance of teaching your children about their ancestors
  • The power of being vulnerable with your children
  • Balancing a sense of belonging and discipline 
  • And much more!















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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:48 What every family 
  • 1:31 The book that inspired us
  • 3:02 The #1 core value for most people 
  • 4:33 Melissa’s heart for the Family Brand
  • 4:52 Chris’ goal with the Family Brand
  • 7:14 Where to start with creating a culture of belonging
  • 8:30 Belonging starts within
  • 9:08 Lead by example 
  • 10:10 The importance of knowing your family history
  • 11:38 Vulnerability leads to belonging
  • 14:43 You can be loving and still be teaching
  • 15:58 Historical figures that had an emphasis for belonging
  • 17:33 Why the seance of belonging is key for business