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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Dec 8, 2023

Hey, Family Brand community! Melissa here with an episode to kickstart your 2024 planning and goal-setting as a family! In today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake and Danielle Larsen, a dynamic duo who shared their unique approach to unifying family and work life.


Jake and Danielle have been friends for several years, and they introduced us to the idea of holding a "family retreat," and we had to have them on the show to share.


 If you're wondering, wait. Is this different from a vacation? The answer is yes, but it can still be fun for the whole family! On today's show, they opened up about their journey of balancing family growth with business expansion and the importance of these family retreats!


Throughout our conversation, they highlighted how these retreats have helped them set individual and family goals, addressing the six crucial aspects of life for the Larsen Family Brand. They call this the “6 F’s” in life: faith, family, fitness, finance, friends, and fun. This keeps goal setting simple and focused on their overall family mission!


One key takeaway from this episode is the significance of calendar syncing in family life. Jake and Danielle stressed the importance of making intentional plans and setting time aside for family activities and personal goals, ensuring that everyone in the family is on the same page.


Their story is not just about goal-setting; it's a testament to the power of intentional living and the impact it can have on family unity and personal fulfillment.


As we look towards 2024, let their insights inspire you to bring more intention and unity to your family life. Don't just take my word for it – hit play to hear the full conversation and discover how you can integrate these practices into your family's life!


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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:42  Introducing Jake and Danielle Larsen: Insightful background on our guests, highlighting their unique family dynamics and experiences.

  • 01:10 Exploring Family Retreats: Unveiling the concept of family retreats as a tool for deeper family bonding and goal setting.

  • 01:27 Getting to Know the Larsens: Personal stories and experiences from Jake and Danielle, offering a glimpse into their family life.

  • 02:54 The Genesis of Family Retreats: Discovering the origins and motivations behind the Larsens' adoption of family retreats.

  • 05:15 Family Retreats in Practice: A step-by-step guide on planning and executing effective family retreats.

  • 20:51 Engaging Kids in Retreats: Strategies for involving children in family retreats, ensuring an inclusive and enriching experience for all ages.

  • 24:44 Tips for Family Retreat Success: Practical advice for families considering implementing retreats, with emphasis on common challenges and solutions.