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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Aug 26, 2022

In our house, we have a “high challenge, high support” culture.

You might be thinking “what do you mean by challenge? Isn’t that a little negative?” 

Simply put, in our family, we challenge each other to do hard things, be brave, and become a greater version of ourselves every day. 

This type of intentional parenting is not always easy…

Holding your kids (and yourself) to a higher standard without breaking anyone’s spirit is a serious balancing act and takes some hard conversations. 

In today’s episode, we want to let you in on a situation that recently happened in our family. One of our kids was having a hard time and started to act outside of their identity. (If you are a parent, you can fill in the blanks) 

Instead of blowing up at our kid and using hard language like “I am so disappointed in you” or “you should haven’t done XYZ…” we decided to pivot the tough conversation in alignment with our “Family Brand.” 

If you have listened to the show for a while, you know that we have been developing our personal Family Brand with a shared family vision and values for years. Now we help families all over the world do the same! 

However, this situation has taken our passion for this concept of a “Family Brand” to a whole new level. While having a tough conversation with our kid, we were able to have a shared language and a conversation with them (not just talking at them) about values and goals instead of shame and expectations. 

We can’t say this issue would have gone this smoothly without our Family Brand…

It’s one thing to take notes or write down a family vision in a Google doc…it’s another thing to live it out and shape your kids' culture around it…Hit play to learn more! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • The challenge/support scale: Where do you fall?
  • The power of having shared values
  • What conversations should be happening?
  • What do you stand for as a family?
  • How to create more of what you want
  • How to start creating your own Family Family Brand
  • Special guest appearance from Indy! 
  • And much more!


Links From This Episode: 

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:44 How to create a high-support and high-challenge
  • 2:10 How this plays out in organizations  
  • 4:23 Challenge with parenting a teenager
  • 7:35 Why creating a Family Brand is so important
  • 13:40 This could have ended WAY worse 
  • 15:22 The worst type of conversations
  • 17:44 One of our favorite Family Brand stories
  • 19:03 Create more of the reality you want