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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jan 7, 2022

Hey guys, Chris and Melissa here! Happy New Year and welcome to our first episode in 2022. In a previous episode, we talked about choosing a word that we, both personally and as a family, wanted to embody moving forward. Today, we’re going over the words we chose for 2022 and how we plan to step into the new year! 

Everyone in our family has a different process for choosing their word, it may come to us randomly, like when we’re reading, or sometimes it takes a little quiet and active thinking to really narrow it down. We talk about how we helped our kids focus and really think about how they wanted to show up this year. As well as the words we individually chose to keep us bold and hungry. 

Listen in as we talk about our family word, ‘embrace’, and the three areas we really want to embrace together so that this year is better than ever before. We discuss how we made it easier for everyone to remember our goals and the moment when Melissa revisited a hopeful message in an old journal entry that inspired us to reach just a little further. We’ll leave you with the same thought. What if you took the most positive thing you believe about yourself, and you believed it just a little more this year?  

We can’t wait to put these words into practice and hope that this episode has encouraged you to do the same! For more resources, or to connect with us, check out the links below!


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Starting off the new year with intention
  • Why Chris chose to be bolder in 2022
  • A new shift to public school 
  • Taking advantage of extra time
  • How we got our kids engaged in the exercise
  • Why we chose ‘embrace’ as our family word
  • Embracing our new community and life
  • Being prepared for the future without fear
  • Remembering things that impacted us in 2021
  • Leaning into how great you really are
  • And much more!














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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - What we cover today!
  • 0:42 - Happy New Year!!
  • 1:07 - Our New Year’s tradition
  • 1:46 - The word Chris chose this year
  • 3:59 - Melissa’s choice to be hungry
  • 7:28 - How these words came to us
  • 8:29 - Helping our kids choose their words
  • 10:14 - Three things we are embracing this year
  • 12:17 - Finding a quote to instill all year long
  • 13:16 - How a past journal entry encouraged us
  • 16:16 - Our encouragement for you
  • 17:44 - Closing thoughts