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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Sep 17, 2021

Hey guys, Chris and Melissa here! It’s no secret that our family takes a lot trips, we’re always kayaking or hiking or experiencing something new. We weren’t always like this, but there was a moment where we realized that we wanted to intentionally go after new experiences to raise kids who are curious, strong, and ready for the world. 

In today’s episode we talk about our decision to start creating more experiences in life instead of focusing on things that we don’t need. Now hear us out, we aren’t saying you should give up all of your things. But when we sat down with our kids and asked them their favorite memories of past vacations, we were surprised to hear their answers. All of their favorite memories were from experiences that we had together as a family, and most of them were things we did for free! 

Join us as we talk about our story of navigating the value of experiences over things and how it even helped lead to our move to Hawaii. We talk about all the benefits that clearing clutter from your life can do, as well as our tendencies we’ve noticed if we focus on things. You’ll get our top tips and tricks on creating a memorable experience with your family. From walking through a farmers market, to traveling lava tunnels on the mainland of Hawaii we talk about the experiences that have helped not only our kids to be well-rounded individuals but also ourselves. 

We hope this episode inspires you to get outside and create a lasting memory for you and your family. To connect with us on social media, check out the links below! 


More Of What’s Inside:

  • The freedom of living through experiences
  • Clearing the clutter of your life
  • Making room for the things you value as a family
  • The moment we decided to invest in experiences
  • How ‘things’ can work against your relationships
  • The power of local experiences
  • Real life examples of experiences you can do too
  • Agreeing on a theme of experiences together
  • Making memories through experiences
  • Creating experiences during the holidays
  • Why you don’t need money to create experiences
  • And much more!







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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:42 - What we cover today
  • 5:31 - Valuing experiences over things
  • 9:45 - Creating space in your life
  • 14:38 - Raising well-rounded kids
  • 19:27 - Intentionally trying new things
  • 23:42 - Closing thoughts and thoughts