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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jul 15, 2021

Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here. Recently, Chris had the opportunity to speak from the heart at his niece's wedding and give some advice to the new couple. When the time came, Chris decided to share the four things that we wish we knew before we got married. Of course, we had to share it on the podcast!

The four topics are: 

Never Stop Building And Strengthening Your Marriage

Much like a muscle, the strength of your marriage is dependent on how much focus, time, and energy you put into it. If you commit to feeding and taking care of it, it will thrive. 

Never Say Rude, Hateful, or Mean Things To Each Other

Sometimes the closest people to us get the worst of our words. Whether it's an argument or things aren't going our way, it's important to keep hateful words out of it. 

Never Keep Score

A 50/50 win is actually a loss; we talk about giving 100% to your spouse no matter what. When both of you are fully invested in each other's success, you win every time. 

Never Forget Your Kids Are Watching

Whether you're divorced, a single parent, or married, how you live your life and how you interact with a spouse, ex, or other loved ones is how kids learn. Their view of marriage comes from the demonstration you give them. 

Hit play to dive deeper into these topics with us and learn more!

We encourage you to pick one thing that will strengthen your marriage, commit to it until the next episode, and see how your life changes! If you’re wanting to take it to the next level check out episode 31 where we talk about how to take the perfect couple's trip! (yes, even if you’re busy.


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Chris’ advice for newly married couples
  • Growing the muscle of your marriage
  • Working on yourself to make your marriage stronger
  • Choosing one thing to commit and strengthen
  • Managing your time together
  • Speaking kindly to those closest to us
  • Why you should give 100% without expecting anything back
  • The slippery slope of keeping score
  • Living a marriage you would want your kids to have
  • The impact of demonstrating kindness to an ex
  • And Much More!











Free course:




Episode Minute By Minute:


  • 0:41 - Here’s what we cover
  • 2:10 - Treating your marriage like a muscle
  • 5:25 - Staying away from hurtful language
  • 7:30 - Why you shouldn’t keep score
  • 10:37 - Leading by example
  • 12:21 - For those who are separated or divorced
  • 15:07 - How our kids watch us
  • 16:02 - Making a commitment to your marriage