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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jul 1, 2021

Hey Guys! Chris and Melissa here,  As every passes, it seems like life becomes more and more dependent on our phones, right? We use them to get directions to places, read emails, and more. Sometimes though, it's easy to let the screen take over. 

Recently, Chris realized that he felt like he could spend a little less time on his phone in the afternoons and evenings. So he challenged himself to use his phone less for 30 days, and while it was a vague commitment, it evolved to be something really awesome! In today's episode, Chris talks about why he wanted to start this challenge and how after 30 days, he has felt better connected to our kids, in a better mood, and even feeling better about himself. 

Listen in as we talk about the struggle of screen time and why he started this challenge in the first place. One of our most asked questions is how to handle screen time with our kids, and truth be told, we are working on it as much as you are, but one thing we really believe in is leading by example. You'll hear how Chris started his challenge and all his tips and tricks to try this in your own life, like being honest with yourself, starting with deleting just one app, and even being ok with doing nothing while not on your phone! 

Chris has gained so much from just 30 days, we can’t wait to see what comes next! Do you want to take this challenge with us? Try this for yourself, even just for a week, and see how you feel. It won't always be comfortable, but the other side is totally worth it. After you do, let us know how you did and what changed for you! 

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • The commitment Chris made 
  • Why we lead by example
  • The difference this experiment has made in our relationships
  • How you can incorporate this into your own life
  • Honestly assessing yourself to see where you need to start
  • Setting realistic standard for your life
  • Finding how entertain downtime with your kids
  • Knowing what’s best for your family
  • Why phones are a slippery slope for comparison
  • How this experiment has made me happier
  • And much more!







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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:36 - Why we are talking about getting off devices
  • 5:07 - Being present with our family
  • 7:23 - What it feels like after 30 days of limited devices
  • 8:30 - Being honest with your device usage
  • 11:15 - Why willpower doesn’t work
  • 13:50 - Spending your time more wisely
  • 17:35 - Making a challenge fun 
  • 19:05 - Staying away from comparison
  • 20:35 - Being ok with doing nothing in your downtime
  • 22:05 - Releasing valuable content on social media
  • 24:26 - The details of our challenge
  • 25:32 - Share your results!