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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

May 10, 2024

Hey Family Brand folks! This week we’re super excited because Hailey Reidhead, the voice behind the "She’s a Lady Podcast," is here with us. Hailey isn't just a podcast host; she’s a hairstylist, a mom of two wonderful girls, and a huge advocate for empowering women through the thick and thin of life's journey.

Today, we’re diving into a topic that hits close to home for many of us: finding our identity in motherhood. It’s a journey that can feel like a rollercoaster at times, with its ups, downs, and unexpected turns. Hailey opens up about her personal experiences, sharing the real talk on how she navigates the shifting sands of identity that come with being a mom and a professional.

We get into the nitty-gritty of what it means to balance personal aspirations with the demands of motherhood. Hailey shares her path to maintaining her individuality while embracing the roles of wife and mother. It’s not just about finding balance but also about thriving in each aspect of life and remembering who you are beyond your roles.

Join us as we unpack these themes, offering insights and perhaps a bit of guidance for those of you wrestling with similar challenges. This conversation is for anyone looking to feel understood, inspired, or just a bit less alone in their journey. So grab a comfy seat, hit play, and let’s get into it together.


Link to the 'She's a Lady' Podcast:




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - Introduction and a warm welcome to Hailey Reidhead.
  • 0:52 - How Melissa and Hailey connected through mutual friends and previous podcast collaborations.
  • 2:07 - Hailey introduces herself, sharing her background and the essence of her podcast.
  • 3:59 - The heart of the discussion: exploring identity in motherhood and the challenges it brings.
  • 6:13 - Hailey recounts personal anecdotes about early marriage and motherhood expectations.
  • 10:06 - Discussion on career choices and their alignment with being a mom.
  • 15:00 - How Hailey balanced her professional ambitions with her family life.
  • 18:00 - The supportive role of Hailey’s husband in her journey.
  • 20:19 - Moving back to Arizona and deciding on community college as a next step.
  • 22:40 - Reflections on identity, personal growth, and the ongoing journey of self-discovery.
  • 25:01 - Hailey talks about starting her podcast during pregnancy and the motivations behind it.
  • 30:02 - The importance of community and support for mothers feeling isolated or overwhelmed.