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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Nov 17, 2023

Hey there, Family Brand community! Chris here and in this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Hyatt, a renowned expert in goal setting and achievement, not to mention his best-selling books and online programs that have impacted millions around the world! Michael is our first-ever repeat guest, so you might remember him from episode 120! 

We are excited to have him on the show because his book "Your Best Year Ever" has officially now been relaunched with updated content and is full of wisdom on setting and achieving meaningful goals. He gives this just a taste of what’s inside, so if you want to be a more intentional leader or if you’re a family-minded entrepreneur, this episode is perfect for you!

A key takeaway from this episode is the importance of the transformation of limiting beliefs into empowering truths. Michael advocates that the words we utter are not merely statements but the architects of our future. By shifting our narrative from "I can't" to "I am committed," we change course towards a realm of limitless potential! If you’ve been listening to the show for long, you know we believe this as well! 

Michael's SMARTER framework for goal setting, an enhanced version of the traditional SMART model, emphasizes making goals risky, exciting, and relevant. This approach encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, fostering an environment where real growth and transformation can occur.

In our chat we brought to light the significance of defining what winning looks like in our lives and for our families. It's a concept that extends to all areas - marriages, families, and professional goals. This idea isn't just about listing out objectives; it's about crafting a vision for our lives that is both inspiring and motivating, a vision that guides our every step. We know you are going to love it! 

Hit play to enjoy the full conversation with Michael Hyatt! Follow the links below to get your copy of his new book, and mark your calendar for the all-day event that promises to be a catalyst for an extraordinary year! (Hear more about the event in the full episode!) 





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Links from this Episode: 

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:43 Introduction to today’s episode, welcoming back special guest, Michael Hyatt 

  • 02:17 Michael dives into the reasoning behind re-releasing his book, “Your Best Year Ever”

  • 03:46 Michael talks about what he is known for in the world of business 

  • 05:10 Goal setting and how it became a passion for Michael 

  • 06:30 Turning Michael’s gift for goal setting into a video course 

  • 08:07 Gain access to a special opportunity with the purchase of Michael’s book! 

  • 09:39 Why do people have negative connotations and pressure around goal setting?

  • 13:25 Michael dives into the first section of his book on believing the possibility 

  • 15:56 The power of writing down your limiting beliefs in a journal 

  • 16:53 Taking your limiting beliefs and transforming them into liberating truths 

  • 20:00 Pushing out of our comfort zones to experience breakthrough 

  • 22:39 Michael talks about the second section of his book about completing the past 

  • 26:41 How living in the past can limit yourself for the future 

  • 29:54 Performance management leads to squashes freedom in the possibility 

  • 31:24 Michael dives into how the goal-setting process is so vital for healthy families 

  • 33:24 Micheal’s idea behind the SMARTER framework 

  • 37:48 The difference between a project and a goal and the excitement you should have for a goal 

  • 41:40 Michael talks about what it looks like to “win” in life 

  • 46:00 The importance of having someone who speaks possibility into your life 

  • 50:00 Follow the link above to buy a copy of Michael’s book today!