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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Sep 29, 2023

Hey, Family Brand community! Melissa here. I'm back with another enlightening chat with Graeme Barlow. If you caught our last episode, you know we delved deep into the world of gaming, entrepreneurship, and parenthood. But after hitting the stop button, our conversation took an even more intriguing turn, and I just had to hit record again.

Graeme and I found ourselves in the midst of a candid chat about the potential benefits of gaming for kids. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I've had my reservations about gaming. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with a controller in hand, or perhaps it's those age-old parental fears about screen time. But Graeme opened my eyes to a different perspective.

He passionately spoke about how gaming, when approached correctly, can be a powerful educational tool. Think about it: games often involve strategy, resource management, and teamwork. Graeme even shared how his early experiences in World of Warcraft taught him about leadership and team dynamics. And let's not forget about the economics of in-game currency and trading. It's like a crash course in real-world skills, all wrapped up in a digital package.

But it's not all rainbows and power-ups. Like anything, there are potential pitfalls. Graeme emphasized the importance of understanding the gaming communities our kids are diving into. Are they positive and welcoming? Or are they rife with toxicity? It's crucial for parents to be aware and to set boundaries where needed.

One piece of advice that really resonated with me was Graeme's suggestion to play games alongside our kids. Not only does this provide a safety net, but it also offers a unique bonding opportunity. Imagine navigating digital worlds together, learning, and growing as a team. It's a perspective shift, for sure.

To all the parents out there, before you dismiss gaming as just another distraction, take a moment to see the potential. Dive into the digital realm with your kids, and you might just discover a treasure trove of learning and bonding opportunities. And if you're curious to hear more about our chat and the insights Graeme shared, hit play to hear our full conversation! Dive into this digital dialogue with us.





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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:42 Introduction to part two of our interview with Graeme Barlow on the benefits of gaming 

  • 01:39 Graeme breaks down the benefits of gaming for kids who learn or are motivated differently 

  • 03:23 Gaming introduced Graeme to mathematical skills and team management 

  • 05:50 Graeme’s advice to the parents who are against having gaming in the home 

  • 08:32 How to embrace the digital world and find the right tools to help grow your kids

  • 10:32 Graeme talks about gaming communities and finding the right ones for kids 

  • 13:00 The best way to understand a game as a parent is to play it with them first 

  • 15:52 How gaming brings togetherness as a family, even remotely 

  • 17:17 Graeme gives his recommendations for gaming systems and games for families