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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jun 23, 2023

Hey, Family Brand fam! Melissa here, and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally drop this episode featuring our chat with the amazing Alyson Caffrey.  Alyson's wisdom and insights are absolutely game-changing for entrepreneurial families!

Alyson is the founder of the Operations Agency, a bona fide organizational wizard who streamlines businesses to run like well-oiled machines. And why does she do that? So you, as owners, can focus on what truly matters - raising your families and doing what you love!

Alyson's got a brand-new book that I'm super excited about! It's called "The Sabbatical Method: How to Leverage Rest and Grow Your Business." In "The Sabbatical Method," Alyson talks about the power systems and strategic rest in business. In this episode she even takes it a step further to share how families can apply systems too, to help life run more smoothly. 

We all know that balancing work and personal life can be tricky, especially when you're a Mompreneur like Alyson (shout out to her adorable boys, Frank and Jack!). That's when she realized something had to give, and the concept of strategic rest started to take shape.

Now, you may be thinking, "rest in business, really?" But hear me out, Alyson’s onto something BIG. Her method is all about creating room to let things evolve naturally, letting you see what breaks, who thrives, and where the hidden opportunities lie. And trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds!

This is where her book comes in. As Alyson explains, rest isn't just beneficial, it's essential, just as crucial for entrepreneurs as it is for climbers preparing for Everest's demanding ascents. In this book, Alyson provides a five-phase framework to help founders, CEOs, and leaders like you strategically leverage rest, thereby improving business operations and showing up to your family more fully. This is what she calls the Sabbatical Method.

Dozens of people across America are already benefiting from her insights, acclimating to the pressures of entrepreneurship as they scale their businesses. I have no doubt you will too.

That's all the sneak peek you're getting for now! You'll need to hit play on our podcast to hear the rest of this super insightful conversation and get more deets about her book. 

So, ready to unlock some life-changing strategies? Then don’t wait another moment. Hit play to hear the full episode! 





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Connect with Alyson Caffrey:


The Sabbatical Method:


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:00 Show introduction + a little bit about Alyson Caffrey

  • 5:47 Alyson’s new book, “The Sabbatical Method”

  • 8:42 Proof that systems can make a big difference

  • 11:00 What is “The Sabbatical Method”?

  • 15:06 Where should you start when implementing this method?

  • 18:16 How to maintain systems in the household while owning your own business

  • 26:20 Big takeaway from “The Sabbatical Method”

  • 28:41 What’s the right amount of hustle time before rest?

  • 31:05 So your business is your baby….

  • 33:33 How to connect with Alyson and buy her book