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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jun 16, 2023

Hey, Melissa and Chris here! Today we are in stunning Croatia, as we continue our travels for the for the Summer. Our new adventure, like all others, is filled with unique experiences, learning, and cherished family memories. Our vacations haven’t always been so relaxing though, that’s why we are excited to share the principles we've discovered to transform these trips into something more than just vacations.

In this episode we explores how we've built meaningful experiences out of family vacations! We discuss the principle of "Wandering with Wonder," our approach that encourages spontaneity and openness to unplanned adventures. It's about forgoing rigid itineraries and embracing the serendipity of travel. Chris embraced this concept during our family trip to Japan, turning it into a journey of unexpected surprises and discoveries! 

Plus, we share why we think choosing an intention or a theme for the trip could change everything! Borrowing from the world of business retreats and conferences, this approach is about defining an emotional or experiential outcome. For example, during a recent trip, the theme was to "savor" every moment – the breathtaking views, amazing local cuisine, and restful was just what we all needed!

If you're planning your next family trip, consider how you might incorporate some of these ideas into your journey and make them your own! We understand that these principles might not resonate with everyone, as each family is different and unique. However, these methods have undeniably deepened our family connections and enriched our travel experiences! 

Learn more about our family's travel tips and experiences, hit play now! Let's discover how we can transform family vacations into unforgettable, enriching adventures! Thanks for letting us adventure with you. 





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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:00 Show introduction + vacation shouldn’t be doing the same things in a different spot

  • 2:56 “Wandering with wonder” - no more rigid agendas 

  • 5:26 Why you should have a theme for your vacation

  • 8:39 How to support the local community when on your vacation

  • 11:08 Combining where you eat and wandering with wonder 

  • 14:16 Maintain your daily family routines to keep consistency 

  • 15:16 Be okay with unscheduled downtime

  • 21:22 Have realistic expectations for your trip - place a higher value on connection