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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Jun 1, 2023

Hello, it's Melissa from the Family Brand Podcast! With summer fast approaching, you might be on the hunt for something engaging and educational for those road trips or lazy afternoons. I have just the thing for you - our guest this week, Breck LeSueur from the 'Bedtime History' Podcast!

Breck has brilliantly woven historical events into bedtime stories, creating an enchanting way to spark curiosity and a love for history in children. These short, 10-15 minute episodes are perfect for summer journeys or winding down after a long day.

Join us in our upcoming episode, where we delve into Breck's creative process and the making of 'Bedtime History'. His podcast is not just about history; it's about turning learning into a delightful experience that captivates both kids and adults, making for quality family time.

Breck will also share insights into his topic selection and crafting kid-friendly yet informative narratives. His varied content, covering everything from ancient civilizations to notable figures in different fields, promises something new every time.

But the real beauty of 'Bedtime History' lies in its ability to impart life lessons through history. It’s not just about storytelling, but sparking insightful conversations with our young ones.

So whether you're planning a road trip or some downtime, add 'Bedtime History' to your list. And don’t miss our next episode with Breck LeSueur - it’s sure to inspire a fun and educational summer with your family!






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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:00 Show introduction + how far Melissa and Breck go back

  • 2:38 Get to know Breck and the inspiration for the Bedtime History Podcast

  • 7:43 Why audiences of all ages love the Bedtime History Podcast

  • 9:57 Takeaways for listeners and where the inspiration comes from

  • 13:19 Feedback about the impact of Bedtime History Podcast

  • 15:00 The wide variety of topics Breck covers on his podcast

  • 16:12 Breck’s favorite episode of his show and why 

  • 18:23 Teaching your kids their family history

  • 21:32 How you can add more storytelling into your family life