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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Mar 24, 2023

Hey everyone! Chris and Melissa here from the Family Brand Podcast. Today on the show, we dive deep into the incredible impact books have on our lives, shaping various aspects from parenting and personal growth to business and relationships.

We share our experience of starting a family book club as an exciting way to bond and learn together. By involving our children in the process of selecting books, we encourage them to explore new topics and discover the joy of reading.

Creating a culture of reading within the family is essential. We discuss the importance of having books readily available at home and being intentional about setting an example by reading ourselves. This helps our children see reading as a natural and enjoyable activity.

We also talk about the power of library visits in fostering a love for reading. Regular trips to the library not only provide access to a wealth of resources but also create a sense of excitement and adventure for children who may not be as naturally inclined to pick up a book.

During our conversation, we emphasize the importance of finding the right type of books for each person, both children and adults. Everyone has different interests, and it's crucial to find books that cater to those interests. This helps make reading enjoyable and engaging, increasing the likelihood of developing a lifelong love for books.

We share some of our favorite books and the ways in which they've impacted our lives. From inspiring personal growth to offering practical advice for business and relationships, these books have played a significant role in our development.

Additionally, we touch on the historical significance of books and the incredible privilege we have today with easy access to a wealth of knowledge thanks to the internet and platforms like this. 

How can you encourage your family to read more? Maybe a trip to the library or picking a book off the shelf and reading to each other at night could help. Hit play then go put your nose in a book! 

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NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family?


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:45 Welcome to our new episode and new studio!

  • 4:28 How do you get your kids to read books though?

  • 9:04 Fear of regret can be a great motivator for reading

  • 11:00 Why we don’t want to take the information age for granted 

  • 13:00 Does it matter what you’re reading or that you’re reading?

  • 16:59 Advice for parents who have kids that struggle with reading

  • 20:09 The battle we all face with our devices

  • 23:41 Books we’re currently reading and the new family book club!

  • 27:00 Why audiobooks are a great investment