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Family Brand: Take Back Your Family

Feb 4, 2021

TRIGGER WARNING: Today we have an honest conversation about mental health and addiction. If this topic hits a little too close to home or if you are in the middle of feeling loss we invite you to listen to one of our previous episodes and come back to this one when you are ready. 

Hey guys, Chris here! As you know, 2020 was a year of highs and lows. When things were good they were good, when they were bad it seemed like rock bottom.

For many people around the world the pandemic felt like nothing new. They were used to wearing a metaphorical mask and staying inside away from loved ones just to survive. These people are experiencing the real health crisis. 

The mental health crisis. 

If you have listened to our show in the past, you know that I am not a stranger to loss. I have experienced first hand how serious this crisis is, when both my brothers and oldest nephew passed away from addiction and untreated mental health.

I know my story is not unique. I am certain that If we all got into a room and started talking, every single one of us would have a story of how addiction, suicide, or mental health illness has affected a loved one or even ourselves. 

f this is true,  then I have to ask the question - why are these topics still so taboo and how do we break the stigma? 

Today is just me on the show. Melissa has been encouraging me for a while now to have an honest conversation about my experiences, the lessons, and mistakes in trying to help family members and friends who struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction. 

My hope is that we can break the stigma around these topics and that this episode gives you the tools and language you need to help others and yourself when the dark clouds start rolling in.

Always in your corner, 








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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:48 The theme of today’s episode
  • 2:50 How Chris has experienced loss
  • 3:26 Anxiety and depression can affect anyone
  • 4:36 The biggest lesson Chris and learned on this topic
  • 5:45 What people who are struggling need the most
  • 10:48 Asking for help is one of the most courageous things you can do
  • 15:08 What is someone’s last thought?
  • 18:35 Assure your loved ones that they are not a burden